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Data security is becoming more crucial due to the increased reliance on computers, internet use, and wireless networks.  Storing data online has become easier than ever whether through apps or public cloud platforms. Which might be better than keeping them as hard copies and tons of papers. But, like anything else, it also has its flaws.  That’s why it’s one of the biggest challenges in the contemporary world and why there is an urgent need for cyber defense.


A brief history of Cyber security

The word cyber was used to refer to cybernetics in 1950. It refers to the science of understanding the control and movement of machines. But now, cyber stands for computerized.

In 1990, the internet became available and accessible to the public, and more users started putting their personal information online.  Organized crime groups and hackers found it easy to steal peoples’ and governments’ data to profit from it. Cyberattacks became more frequent, data became more vulnerable, and the government took cyber threats more seriously by criminalizing cyberattacks. But as internet security started to grow, people felt more at ease to put their sensitive information online, and so did viruses. Nowadays, the most common threat to any organization’s data security is Ransomware.

According to Purplesec, Cybercrime is up 600% due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In addition,  IBM reported that remote work has increased the average cost of a data breach by $137,000.

Tips to improve your Company’s Cyber defense

Embracing the digital transformation has its own benefits but it also increases the risk of exposure to scams and security breaches.

Here is  a small guide on protecting your business from cyber threats.

  1. Back-up your Data:
    Having a backup of all your online stored data will help you recover it if you are a victim of cyber security  incidents. It is highly advised that you regularly back up your most important data and information.
    It’s also good to use multiple backup methods to help ensure the safety of essential files. A sound backup system usually includes daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly server backups.
  2. Secure your devices and software programs:
    Ensure that your operating systems and software programs update automatically since, newest updates usually contain security upgrades that can be scheduled after business hours.
    Installing security software and setting up a firewall help protect your business’s internal networks as well.
  3.  Encrypt your data
    Make sure to encrypt your data when stored or sent online. It helps you convert it into a secret code before sending it on the internet, which reduces the risk of theft or tampering.
  4. Raise your staff’s awareness about cyber security and set policies:
    It’s important to hold training and workshops related to cyber security and its threats to raise awareness among your employees.
    Setting some rules related to cyber defense and creating good case practices can help your team stay aware of its risks on the company’s operations.

How does DataPatrol benefit your organization

DataPatrol provides various services and tools to organizations, from a series of trainings to consultancies and professional support. But besides that, we also offer multiple tools to help them protect all their files and digital platforms.

One of our solutions, Screen watermark, allows organizations to manage internal data leaks by placing a watermark on all end users’ desktops and servers that contains complete information about the logged-in user, IP address, time, and other metadata.

We also offer an  Anti Copy Solution, which prevents users from copying any text or data to the clipboard. Other solutions and services that are tailored to the needs of organizations are also available.

Data is everywhere. With technologies, digital transformation, remote work, and different online platforms, it can be leaked quickly and sold if it’s not in the right hands. For that reason, cyber security is taken seriously by small-medium businesses and multinationals as well. And it would be best if you start protecting your data today.


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