Protect enterprise data with Digital Screen Watermarks

Everyday businesses around the world are collecting different types of data and documents. Whether the information is related to the company, to its customers and clients, or to third-parties, these assets remain confidential property and disclosing any type of internal data can be a real problem. Even with the best security tools in place, threat actors seem to always be able to find a way to breach corporate data. Or, as in other cases, data could be accidentally shared and compromised, thus creating a security issue.

Digital watermarks provide a simple solution to warn users about the sensitivity and confidentiality of a data. And in case data leaks happen, they can also be extremely helpful in tracking it to its source.

What is a digital watermark?


A digital watermark embeds important metadata into the screen on the operating system level, to track the point of origin or owner in case confidential data is leaked through a photograph. The watermarks contains information about the user, time and date of access, machine it was accessed on,IP address etc. They act as a digital footprint that identifies any sensitive and confidential information

Benefits and uses of Screen Watermarks

Applying digital watermarks to screens can help prevent data loss, misuse and unauthorized disclosure in a variety of ways. They can be used as an extra layer of protection to ensure better data security measures are taken. Some of the benefits of digital watermarks:

  • Inform: Provide end users with a visual reminder that they are handling sensitive information.
  • Alert: Deter users from stealing documents or from taking a picture with their mobile device.
  • Track: identify the source of document leakage.

Digital watermarks can help organizations protect different types of data, including, financial statements, customer records, intellectual properties, legal contracts, employee information, etc… The potential uses of this technique differ according to the type of data, company type, and industry.

Datapatrol screen watermarks solution for enterprise

The Screen Watermark solution adds an additional layer of protection to safeguard your company’s confidential and regulated data and avoid compliance issues.

How does it work?

Through this enterprise ready solution, you can add dynamic Watermarks to all end users’ desktop machines and servers with detailed information about the logged-in user, IP address, time, and other metadata.

It also allows you to set up granular policy control, assign policies to different users and groups and apply a customized appearance and design. The solution can also be applied to specific urls and programs.



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