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To prevent internal data leaks, it is essential for organizations to research potential threats that they could face. The list of threats depends mainly on the industry, type & value of data that they have.

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Printing Watermark solution provides organizations with an ultimate option to secure their internal data and documents from leaks.

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Remote work comes with challenges that are not present in the traditional workplace, therefore additional security measures should be taken.

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DataPatrol English Datasheet

DataPatrol Arabic Datasheet

Screen Watermark Datasheet

Use Cases

Banking and Financial

Protecting sensitive internal information Protecting Clients’ Private Information Ability to apply Government and Central Banks Anti-Cyber Crime Law and penalties in case of data exfiltration.

Health Sector

Protecting Patients’ Private Medical records and information Compliance with JCI (Joint Commission International) for Copy-Paste reccomendation.

Manufacturing and PetroChemical

Protect Product cost information, customer data, intellectual property rights, operations information and marking strategy.


Protect biometric data, medical information, personally identifiable information (PII) and unique identifiers such as passport or Social Security numbers. Ability to apply Government Anti-Cyber Crime Law and penalties in case of data exfiltration.